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What we do and how we do it

Distributed enterprise technology support

CrossCom delivers comprehensive end-user services and solutions for geographically dispersed enterprises in the retail, automotive, grocery, hospitality, and restaurant industry segments. Our internally managed offerings are tightly integrated, operationally and systemically, to provide a unique governance-based outsourced service offering.

Throughout the process, Technology Rollouts, Staging & Configuration, Depot Repair, and Life Cycle Maintenance, CrossCom leverages an integrated program to increase technology asset life and reduce overall cost.

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Experience the Difference

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  • Quality controlled sustainable value creation
  • More than 35 years experience 
  • Holistic solution with single point of accountability
  • To the minute visibility and transparency
  • A field service network of tenured technicians 
  • Governance-controlled processes and support 
  • CrossCom risk ownership
  • Evidence-based, analytics-driven outcomes
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On-site support is a challenging business. Every service incident has to be efficient and effective to prevent the store’s customer from walking out. CrossCom has the systems, operations, and processes to do it right, at the right cost… around the world.


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More than 60% of our field technical team is veterans. We look for partners who are motivated with high character, strong discipline and work ethic. Our history of working with veterans proves that the military attracts people with these qualities and that they are uniquely qualified to succeed in our business.

Veteran Owned Business

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