Support Desk

We know that support needs are not necessarily convenient or occur during “regular” operating hours. That’s why our Support Desk is manned with knowledgeable technicians around-the-clock to address your issues or issues in the field.

Support Desk
  1. All technicians are fully experienced in the systems we support and have access to our CrossTrack system.
  2. Level One technicians troubleshoot basic problems to resolve issues remotely and minimize onsite dispatches.
  3. Level Two technicians provide expert assistance to more complicated questions, avoiding dispatches and increasing the speed of field resolution.
  4. If an issue is unresolvable remotely, a field technician from our Distributed Field Service Network is dispatched onsite with any needed replacements or components.
  5. All incidents are categorized in production and reviewed to identify failure trends linked to systems, environment, or process, so that we can prevent future failures.

CrossCom’s approach to support from simple equipment resets to more difficult issues that require step-by-step instruction, CrossCom’s Support Desk is equipped to provide the support you need when you need it.

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The CrossCom Difference

  • Unmatched dedication and commitment to customers’ success
  • Actual accountability
  • Value creation and innovation
  • A field service network of tenured technicians
  • Real results