Digital Repair and Refurbishment

At CrossCom, we believe in addressing problems completely the first time. Through our unique Express Restore program, we take repair to the next level. We conduct root cause analysis and completely refurbish assets, from cleaning to replacement of broken components to board level electronics repair, to extend equipment lifetimes and reduce replacement costs.

Refurbishing and Repair
  1. Defective assets are returned from the field to our repair facilities and verified for coverage by their serial numbers and warranty status (confirmed defective third-party assets are shipped to the vendor for repair).
  2. Our highly qualified technicians, with certifications and electronics engineering education, work on the assets repaired in-house based on their assigned equipment “families”, giving them in-depth knowledge across technologies. 
  3. Parts and consumables, sourced from a variety of vendors including OEMs, are proactively replaced based on known failure information before being cleaned, and tested by Quality Assurance for redeployment.
  4. Using a closed loop supply process, equipment that is not worthy of repair is harvested for parts to refurbish other customer-owned assets, saving customers significant dollars invested in equipment each year.
  5. Equipment repairs are planned to sustain the appropriate level of order volume.
  6. Every repair, part, and relevant notes are logged into the Express Restore Portal throughout the Express Restore operation to provide complete visibility to all defective, finished goods, and new inventories, among others. Customers access these repair statuses and inventories through CrossInform.
  7. The Support Desk deploys more than 500,000 refurbished assets to customer sites to replace defective units in the field each year.

Our focus on maximizing technology lifecycles gives customers the piece of mind that assets aren’t just fixed, they are actually improved. This optimization approach minimizes downtimes and reduces costs with significant short- and long-term improvements.

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The CrossCom Difference

  • Unmatched dedication and commitment to customers’ success
  • Actual accountability
  • Value creation and innovation
  • A field service network of tenured technicians
  • Real results