CrossCom uses a backbone of processes behind everything we do. It’s those processes – and the governance they provide– that deliver consistent quality and continuous improvement to the cost-effective solutions customers rely on.

Asset Management

  1. Every item, including consumables of cables, adapters, and other parts not used for repair and refurbishment, is tracked and maintained using serial numbers.
  2. Cycle counts are performed daily and coordinated with the repair operation to create a refurbishment schedule that assures enough inventory to sustain appropriate order volume per product, minimizing back orders. 
  3. Once refurbished, inventory is moved to a finished goods warehouse that is spot-audited each day. Full physical inventories are performed annually (and more frequently if required).
  4. When inventory is dispatched for shipment, it is packaged with outbound and return waybills, then inspected and weighed before being shipped via daily pick-up. More urgent requests are fulfilled through carrier hub drop-offs, Next Flight Out (NFO) shipments, or technician deliveries.
  5. Cameras that record the shipping and packing process quality ensure that technology is packed to avoid damage in shipping.
  6. Each asset is reviewed to determine time between failures and is retired at the end of its useful life to avoid rapid field failure.

Value-Based Adaptive Sourcing and Pricing

  1. Through our predictive maintenance approach, CrossCom has detailed knowledge of the costs to maintain the various hardware technologies we support.
  2. Our detailed data analysis translates into evidence-based intervention that yields higher service levels than our competitors.
  3. More than 40 years of experience supporting local sites gives us the insight and expertise to price our support per location, based on the individual customer environment. 
  4. Customers realize significant support and ownership savings that typical reactive and proactive incident-based or per user pricing methods can’t offer.

Regardless of the service – whether we are answering a Level I Support Desk call or deploying thousands of point-of-sale systems – we have a process. By applying the same diligence and governance to process throughout the organization, we ensure our customers’ receive consistent, cost-effective service everywhere in the world.

Informal Executive Meeting

The CrossCom Difference

  • Unmatched dedication and commitment to customers’ success
  • Actual accountability
  • Value creation and innovation
  • A field service network of tenured technicians
  • Real results