Deployment, Installation, and Integration

Installing new technology – hardware, software, or both – creates impactful change. It takes careful project management with end-to-end tracking and visibility to ensure that every implementation – single site, multiple locations, national, or global – is on schedule and within budget.

Employees Examining Equipment
  1. Each implementation is lead by an experienced project manager to ensure efficiency and quality.
  2. The pre-configured and staged equipment is deployed and coordinated with install technicians from our Distributed Field Service Network based on the rollout timeline.
  3. By centralizing equipment configuration and scope of work development, we implement and integrate new technologies efficiently and cost-effectively with nominal onsite disruptions.
  4. 40 years of developing and managing our network allows us to quickly match the field technicians’ skills with the requirements of the implementation.
  5. Every step of the process is recorded through CrossManage and customers have real-time visibility through CrossInform.

No matter the size or scope of the roll-out, CrossCom’s time and attention to every detail ensures that implementations are as efficient and seamless as possible.

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The CrossCom Difference

  • Unmatched dedication and commitment to customers’ success
  • Actual accountability
  • Value creation and innovation
  • A field service network of tenured technicians
  • Real results