On Site Maintenance

Whether you’ve decided to implement new technology or retain existing systems, maintenance is a critical aspect of your investments. Every asset – new or not – should be sufficiently supported to maximize its value though out the equipment lifecycle…often longer than when the manufacturer, and even other service providers, might advocate. By using analytics to predict failures and incorporating our experience, CrossCom extends a technology asset’s useful life to minimize downtime and get the most out of your investments.

  1. Many service providers react to problems once they occur or “proactively” plan maintenance using arbitrary timelines and failure rates. CrossCom predicts support requirements. Detailed reports and trending data from our proprietary technology allow us to identify patterns between actual performance and incidents to plan maintenance before issues arise.
  2. The sophistication applied to planning maintenance also applies to providing it. Our Distributed Field Service Network is equipped with the skills, tools, experience, parts or whole unit replacements to keep downtime to a minimum.
  3. Failed assets are tracked and returned to our Express Restore repair operation for a complete assessment, then refurbishment to like-new condition to be deployed for the next service requirement. Assets that cannot be refurbished are disposed, using customer approved methods and ensuring that assets under warranty are appropriately managed.

The analytics and governance we apply before, during, and after maintenance – and throughout the equipment lifecycle – ensures that we provide the right service at the right time, always resulting in improved efficiency and reduced costs.

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The CrossCom Difference

  • Unmatched dedication and commitment to customers’ success
  • Actual accountability
  • Value creation and innovation
  • A field service network of tenured technicians
  • Real results